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At Flat Water, we believe that the foundation of community knowledge is comprised of our library systems. We

have a strong desire to bring the library system out of the shadow and inaccuracies of the WEB and back to the

foreground of the intellectual and artistic portraits within our communities. We understand that to serve the

public need, each library must be as unique and diverse as the community in which they serve.  With Flat Water

you aren’t just working with a faceless company, you are working with people in a community on a mission; to

put voices and names back into customer service as well as faces and voices back into our libraries. Join with us

and experience the Flat Water difference.


Our Staff

Our staff has over 10 years of experience serving the unique needs of libraries and we work to ensure

each library gets the customized service they deserve. We strive to meet all of your libraries’

multimedia needs under one roof – no more shopping around at different sites to find what you are

looking for. Our staff personally process orders via WEB, Email and telephone. Yes that’s right, we

have phones and are not afraid to use them.  Our staff work with one goal in mind: to provide the best

possible product selection with outstanding customer service and support. Consider ordering from our

staff to experience more of the Flat Water difference.